Cathy (Kate) Miller

Cathy (Kate) Miller is a licensed ordained non-denominational Angel Minister.  She graduated from Gateway University of Higher Consciousness and has a MA from the University of Metaphysical Sciences, Kate is a certified  representative of the Wisdom of the Heart Church, along with certifications which include but not limited to: Reiki (both Usui and Seichem), Light Language I, Hypnosis, The Angel Path to Soul Training, and Spiritual Counseling that highly compliment her abilities of service to others.

Cathy shares her knowledge of Light Work with each person she contacts. Hundreds have experienced positive loving transformation with Cathy's unconditional loving guidance. As a gifted Intuitive, Healing Source and Spiritual Counselor Cathy personifies the title of a Mystic. It is important for each to realize that Cathy deeply acknowledges that all that she is comes from God Source.

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