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I have known Kate Miller for over six years. In all that time she has been a guiding inspiration. Over the years I
have had physical and spiritual trials and ordeals, which she has guided me through with understanding,
thoughtfulness and caring. Kate is very insightful and enlighten. Over the years we have had many discussions and
everyone Kate has provide wisdom, beyond belief understanding and genuine guidance. Kate is a blessing to me and
everyone she deals with. Kate is truly a wonderful councilor, loving friend and spiritual advisor. Kate is very special
to me and the world we live in.

Alex Kingston

adminsays: A truly inspiring comment. Your thoughtful testimonial is heartfelt. Thank you.City, State

Rev. “Kate” – is one of the most important Teachers, Shamans and Channels at the moment in ‘New Thought’. Every
day she publishes on Facebook – the perfect message your Soul needs to hear for the day. Spirit just loves to work with
people like Kate, to bring us reassurance, uplifting words, comfort and ease in such a conflicted world. With Kate we
glimpse, the loving, supportive and Vibrant spiritual support we have ~ ‘On This Side of the Rainbow’~, as she says.
And we get to hear from our Beloved Guides, Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, Guarding Angels & The Divine/Universe
that they are right here, right now, with Us every step of the way. I invite you to draw near and listen to the message,
the love and respect she brings to everyone, from her extensive training and studies of all modalities of faith.
Thank you Kate, for continuing to open yourself and use your God given talents to make this dimension ‘Classroom
Earth’ bearable. ~
Namasté – Dear ♥ Jayne Burgin Stokes

Jayne Stokes:


Kate I so love everything you post. It a beautiful way to start my day. And I feel like you always know what to post
and it’s like you knew just what I needed to hear. I also so enjoy our talks together. You are my soul sister. And you
know how I feel about you already. You are absolutely delicious to listento. And our talks are so amazing. Love you
to the moon and back. Thank you dearly my friend.

Lorries Doss

Amazing and wonderful!  Kate has true insight and kindness!

Red Hawk

adminsays: Thank you Red Hawk for stopping by. Your kind words are appreciated…

Blessings have been bestowed on me for knowing and feeling the loving healing powers of Cathy Miller. Her natural and innate powers of pin pointing the needs of the physical, spiritual, and mental needs of her clients is uncannily spot on. Her gentle ways in dealing with the healing and alignment of the body and spirit is a gift, as well as her soft voice explaining what she is doing sets the client at ease, making it a more fulfilling experience. Put aside any apprehensions and let Cathy Miller remove any droughts or blocks you may have and book a session with her today…

Richard D. Janos:

adminsays: Blessings to you for sharing your powerful testimony. You are a pleasure to work with.

Kate you are so Special. I haven't been on much. Just wanted to share the LOVE.  but today actually last night I thought of YOU & All the light you shine. Thank You. I Honor You & wanted to take a Moment to tell you.

Rosie Neal


Cathy Miller is an extraordinary person filled with insight and healing. Her insight is beyond the ordinary and so spot
on! Highly recommend her for your guiding needs. She will never fail you. Book a session and feel the powerful aura she
projects. The calming effect is beyond belief.

Stephanie DelGrippo

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